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What is Noise Control?

Noise Control is the collective noun for Sound Proofing, Acoustics, Anti-Vibration and other such treatments.

Noise control is an active or passive means of controlling & reducing sound emissions.
These sound emissions in modern day life have finally been considered as Sound Pollution that can actually affect individual’s heath as a result. The need for Noise Control is for personal comfort, legal compliance and environmental requirements.
For Noise Control to be effective it is wholly reliant on accurate diagnosis of the source and cause of the Noise. This often requires a great deal of experience and some also understanding of the way sound can travel.
Almost like a doctor the Acoustic Consultant must speak to the client and discuss the clients experience from the Noise. These Questions will address the serious of the pollution being caused. It will also address if selective treatment is required or a total cover of the effected area. Often is the case that is missed by many that in order to treat the problem the need for total encapsulation is seldom required. This misunderstanding often leads to clients paying for treatment that was never needed in the first place.

Once the Source of the Noise has been determined and verified the priority must always be to reduce the noise at source by engineering means. This is not always possible and thus will require other methods to control.
There are various different types of Noise the most common of these are  aerodynamic Air Borne Noise (vocal, music, TV, screaming crying) and mechanical or impact Noise (impacts, friction, footsteps, chair scraping, thumping, banging):
Effective noise control would focus at reducing the noise at the starting point or as near as possible.
Noise control for airborne noise includes sources such as: Babies Screaming, Talking, Shouting, TV, Radio, Music, etc.
There are four basic principles of noise control:
Sound insulation: prevent the transmission of noise by the introduction of a barrier.
Sound absorption: materials that will absorb the noise.
Vibration damping: applicable for large vibrating surfaces. The damping method works by extracting the vibration energy and dissipating it as heat across a wide surface.
Vibration isolation: prevents transmission of vibration energy from a source to a point of contact.



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