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NoiseStop Systems Singapore

Noise Control for Walls

Noise Control for walls typically is the installation of a sound barrier that stops noise from passing through it that is attached to the wall.

Noise Control, Noise Reduction, Sound Proofing Noise Damping are terms used in controlling the Noise that is either entering your room or you are trying stop escaping from. This form of insulation is more common than absorption as it has the ability to create total enclosure of the sound.
Since the early 1950’s soundproofing or noise control has been introduced as part of the building regulations. It was firstly evident when the often forgotten building methods in the United Kingdom introduced the idea of a cavity wall.

The cavity wall consisted of an outer brick wall followed then with an air gap in the middle of followed by a breeze block and then plasterboard of mineral board that would then be plastered. The first ideas of soundproofing of the wall came about when contractors realised that after using mineral glass fibre or “Rockwool” a major brand name not only was able to trap the heat in very well but gave an added side effect is was able to reduce the noise level.
Later mineral glass fibre was manufactured in high densities to create what would be the soundproofing material for many years to come.

In Singapore very low density mineral glass fibre is for soundproofing. The low density has little or no effect in the absorption of sound, often used with layer after layer of plaster board is required to bring the noise level down to the requirement that is easily achieved using NoiseBlock Systems products and materials.
Often in Shopping Malls and other building we will see that standard partition construction using 2 layers 50kg density thermal glass fibre with 5 layers of plaster board. The total thickness for these systems is often around 30mm – 40mm thickens and still sound is able to pass through the structure.

NoiseBlock Systems soundproofing can delivery unbeatable results in Noise Control with a system that is only 50mm thickness, without the use of thermal materials.

For most homes, flats and apartments we can solve the problem of noise very easily, using our new found technological approach to achieve the best results.

NoiseBlock Systems Option 1++ is a system that can be applied to your existing wall structure to create a sound barrier to stop the noise entering and exiting your room.
This has been installed in many homes, offices and other building in Singapore every year and has proven to be superior in build and design from the old fashioned method previously adopted. Using NoiseBlock can reduce the noise up to 80% of better.

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