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Noise Control for Floors

Noise Control for flooring can be very easy to solve and at the same time very difficult. The easy part is the treatment of the problem itself. Using NoiseBlock IsoMat range can remove any Noise problem where a sound barrier is required; the only question is which product in the IsoMat range is right for you. Products like our IsoMat G15 are used in situations like karaoke rooms, home cinemas, home jam rooms and music rooms. This product has shown time and time again proven results in this application.
The next question is finish, after you have soundproofed your floor then how to cover.
If you are looking to use wooden flooring or laminate floor over the top you will need to use our NoiseBlock Barrier Mat to ensure that the impact noise is not transmitted. Then after you can cover with a finish of your choice.
Another method that brings added results is using our carpet tile or Vfloor, vfloor is a wooden look flooring that unless you were told can not be distinguished from the real thing, the material is made for mixed polymers’ to create a sound absorbent floor finish.
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