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NoiseStop Systems Singapore

Noise Control for Ceilings

Controlling the Noise from your neighbour above can be one of the most difficult areas to deal with in Soundproofing. Unlike many other countries Singapore uses in most of the construction work concrete and steal to create these spectacular living areas that many people are enjoying today. The problem with the concrete structure in the residential sector is that it allows a lot of impact noise and transmission noise to pass from floor to floor unhindered. In the apartment sector often is the case that tiles and flooring are installed without proper consideration to the underlay layer.
Without the proper underlay the result is that the wooden floors will amplify the noise created from footsteps and other such impact noise making a living hell for the people downstairs.

In the past the idea of a false ceiling with thermal insulation was given as the best way of treatment, this is not so.  In fact the materials used for ceiling have to not only block the noise but absorb the vibration noise NoiseBlock Systems specially designed system can remove the vibration noise and dampen the impact noise to a very high percentage at an affordable price.

Please also be aware of false ceilings for the use with lighting, almost all apartments use false ceilings to allow the installation of featured lighting like pin spots, par cans etc. This requires for a frame to be made normally of metal and then plasterboard to form the walls of the structure, then eventually the lights are installed.
The problem from this idea is reverberation noise; the hollow structure will act like a drum for impact noise allowing the noise to amply within creating louder problems than before, we recommend that any false ceiling structure should use NoiseBlock Barrier Foam to remove the problem.
As well as false ceiling for lighting, false ceilings are also used for air-conditioning systems mainly the return air. If you don’t listen to any of the above you should listen to this. In our experience in the field we have seen a several cases in the last few years of mineral glass fibre being used in the air-con flow this is defiantly a big heath and safety risk, mineral glass fibre contains glass and you can imagine what happens if you are to breathe these small particles in? If you are having a false ceiling installed always check with an engineer that the materials are being used safety.




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