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NoiseStop Systems Singapore

About Us

NoiseBlock Systems are a leading Sound Proofing, Noise Control & Acoustic Brand designed for modern day application and combat again Noise Pollution. The product range and application system uses new found theory’s that have been researched and developed to achieve better results in the reduction of sound in many environments such as: Landed Properties like houses, Flats, Apartments, Condo’s, Schools, Clubs, Cinemas, Sports & Leisure Sector, Offices, Labs, Gyms, Theatres, Bars and many more.

In current times many companies and contractors and so called specialists are still adopting traditional methods for Noise Control that have been found to be useful in the past but such as everything in technology there are always improvements. NoiseBlock Systems are the next evolution in Products that will push forward the boundaries to the next level in the industry.
The companies understanding of Noise Control comes from a history in the industry and tried and tested projects in Singapore and surrounding areas.
To understand Noise / Sound is a crucial point in being able to treat this type of pollution. As population and infrastructure grows so does the noise attributed to it and thus is the need for sound proofing.
The main difference between NoiseBlock and other products and Systems on the market is the technology behind the brand. Mentioned before NoiseBlock is breaking the mold of soundproofing offering better more reliable and more focused solutions at an affordable price. For more information please visit our product range.


Need help with sound proofing or noise control please call us now on: 62767453 or call a consultant direct on 84447217